20 November 2020

New expert group: Fractionation


Experts to provide advice on the manufacture of blood products

The Inquiry is appointing a new expert group to provide a report to the Inquiry about the scientific principles and techniques involved in the production of cryoprecipitate, factor products and recombinant products.  

The two experts who have been nominated to this  group are Dr Paul Strengers and Dr Ruth Laub. Each expert is expected to give their independent unvarnished views to the Inquiry openly and transparently to help get to the truth of what  happened. 

The letter of instruction to the group with the specific questions to be addressed can be found here.

Core participants are invited to comment on the nomination or letter of instruction through their legal representatives or direct to the Inquiry if they are unrepresented.

The group will be asked to produce a report ahead of the hearings in autumn 2021.