17 March 2022

Update on Sir Robert Francis compensation framework study


The Paymaster General has confirmed that the government has received Sir Robert’s report.

The Paymaster General, the Rt Hon Michael Ellis MP, has made a statement about the compensation framework study carried out by Sir Robert Francis.  

The statement confirms that the minister had received the report and thanks everyone who contributed to the study.  The minister says that he will write to Sir Brian in due course about the publication of the report.  You can read the statement here.

Sir Brian has written to the minister about publication.  He notes that the report will need to be available no less than four weeks ahead of the hearing date to enable  participants to read and discuss the proposals and allow core participants to suggest lines of questioning in the usual way.  

The compensation framework study is one of the issues for oral evidence this summer along with vCJD, government decision-making and the response of governments, and candour, openness and cover-up.

You can read Sir Brian’s letter here.